The International Day of Light will reach an audience of millions of scientists, industry leaders and members of the public worldwide. We welcome inquiries from both the public and private-sector to get involved and to demonstrate support for the aims of the International Day of Light.


Sponsorship is an exclusive opportunity to showcase your sustainability vision, strategies and practices before this world-class audience, and demonstrating your support for the aims of UNESCO. As a Sponsor of the International Day of Light, you will have a unique platform to create partnerships with key stakeholders and end-users in the field of optical and photonics technology, culture, development and education. Sponsors may be for example industry partners, universities, research bodies or museums seeking to create new or expand existing global partnerships, or emerging field leaders wishing to demonstrate support for the goals of the International Day of Light.


There are a variety of opportunities to become a Supporting Partner of the International Day of Light. To learn about these opportunities, see IDL Partnership Opportunities.


For inquiries about such partnership opportunities, please contact the International Day of Light Secretariat at

Steering Committee

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