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Making Use of the IDL Resources


With the emphasis on promoting grassroots and hybrid events worldwide for the 2024 edition of the International Day of Light, we want to make it as easy as possible for local organisers.  Running an International Day of Light activity is much easier than you think! 


Most universities host regular seminars, and these are very easily extended to create a fantastic half-day or even a full-day event focusing on the broader themes of light science and applications. To this end, here are a description of the Resources available for event organisers that will allow you to easily print promotional banners, extract images for your own use, and to get inspired to try out some new activities.

Graphics and Banners

IDL logos in multiple languages are at the top of the general IDL resources page. Banners and Rollups can be printed easily using the high-quality files provided by SPIE. A particular series of posters on Optics for Sustainable Development are also available here from SPIE.  An introductory IDL video in English, Spanish and French is available on the general IDL resources page. If you wish to make your own graphics or designs, we have links to available online images here.

Local Lobbying

When first beginning to organise your event, you will need to explain what IDL is and what it has already achieved. A very effective way to do this is to use the IDL infographic which is available here or the IDL2020 video.

Videos on Light

A simple way to include the IDL message within a series of talks is to show some short videos.  A selection can be previewed here but a YouTube search on “International Day of Light” or “International Year of Light” provides links to many videos that may adapt well to what you may have planned.  It can also be nice to include the video message from the International Space Station that was used to inaugurate the International Day of Light in 2018. 


Ideas and Inspiration

If you want ideas for how to organise an event, we have now placed online the Programmes for the IDL2018 to IDL2023 Flagship events online, as well as the Final Report of the IYL2015 and the Programmes of the IYL2015 Opening and Closing Ceremonies on a dedicated Books and Programmes page. IDL Steering Committee member SPIE has placed a range of activity plans and other posters online.


We are very grateful to a number of volunteers who have confirmed their willingness to support International Day of Light events and activities by speaking on a wide range of topics including science, technology, art, culture, education and development. Please note that while speakers will volunteer their time, all travel and local expenses must be met by event organisers. In addition, speakers may be in heavy demand during the month of May, but since International Day of Light themed events can be held throughout the year, you should feel free to make contact to enquire about availability at other times.  You can find the list of available speakers here, and please check back regularly as it is frequently updated.  

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