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Launch of the 2021 International Day of Light

The International Day of Light in 2020 was characterized by rapid reorganization to online and hybrid events, which yielded remarkable success. There were celebrations in 69 countries reaching an audience of 750,000+. You can find detailed results in this report.

We are now enthusiastically preparing for the International Day of Light 2021, and we can anticipate a strong focus on hybrid and online events in many countries. We are also now welcoming registration of events on and around around 16 May 2021 for the next Day of Light celebrations. Although virtual events cannot replace hands-on outreach, they do provide other opportunities to hear from a broad range of international speakers and allow us to reach a much larger audience. Therefore, one of our key aims in the coming months will be to provide resources and ideas to help effectively organize successful events in 2021 with the flexibility to adapt depending on how the global health situation evolves. We will also be developing new initiatives with international partners. One example is that we will be working especially closely with the International Astronomical Union to promote broad public engagement with science and highlight the wonder of the light from the cosmos.

During 2020, we have seen more than ever the importance of science communication. There is a strong need to build public awareness that light science and technology provide not only our understanding of pandemics, but also the preventative measures, treatments and diagnostic tools to counter them. The emphasis of the International Day of Light in 2021 will be on improving means of outreach and interaction between science and society. As well as continuing to explain the many societal applications of light science, we will stress more widely the key messages of how appreciating and supporting science and technology is a necessary and central part of today’s interconnected world as well as a universal benefit to all.

As we begin our planning and develop new resources for you, we encourage all within the International Day of Light community to continue following and engaging with our social media channels using the hashtag #LightDay2021 and the official channels: @IDLOfficial on Twitter, @DayOfLight2021 on Instagram, and the @InternationalDayOfLight on Facebook. And once again, we acknowledge the continued commitment and support from the Steering Committee and other partners. Information about our partnership and how to get involved is here.

For further information, please contact the International Day of Light secretariat:

John Dudley
IDL 2021 Steering Committee Chair

Joseph Niemela
IDL 2021
 Steering Committee Chair

Bethany Downer
IDL Communications Coordinator


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