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IDL Recognizes Success in 2019 and Prepares for Bigger Celebrations in 2020


The International Day of Light (IDL) in 2019 was once again a tremendous success, celebrated globally with over 600 events in 70 countries, and reaching an audience of more than 1.7 million. You can see a summary infographic about IDL2019 here.


We are rapidly setting things up to prepare for the International Day of Light 2020.  The central emphasis for 2020 will be on grassroots events, and we are aiming for a target of one thousand events worldwide!   Such an ambitious goal will allow us to communicate with a wide range of different target audiences, and to stress the key messages of how light science and technology can help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and how light art and culture can enrich society. 


The first newsletter for IDL2020 was released today, and includes a brief review of some events from 2019, as well as an overview of some activities already being planned for 2020.  


We encourage all within the IDL community to continue following and engaging with our social media channels using the hashtag #IDL2020 and the official channels: @IDLOfficial on Twitter and the International Day of Light 16 May on Facebook. And once again, we acknowledge the continued commitment and support from the Steering Committee and other partners. Information about our partnership and how to get involved is here.


For further information, please contact the International Day of Light secretariat:


John Dudley

IDL 2018 Steering Committee Chair



Joseph Niemela 

UNESCO-ICTP Category 1 Institute



Bethany Downer

IDL Secretariat & Communications Officer


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