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Partners in Sustainable Development: Liter of Light joins Peace Boat’s 100th voyage


Marking the milestone of their 100th Global Voyage, Peace Boat, a Japan-based non-governmental organization, is partnering with Liter of Light (1LL) to bring solar lights around the world. During this voyage, Peace Boat and 1LL are committed to traveling the world to spread awareness about their causes, which includes promoting peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment, with 1LL focusing on addressing energy poverty. 


The journey began in Yokohama Japan on 26 December, 2018, and will circumnavigate the world for 100 days, returning to Yokohama on 31 March, 2019.

 One of the journey’s highlights are the workshops from 1LL Executive Director Illac Diaz, during which Peace Boat participants on board can learn how to make sustainable solar lights. The finished products are being delivered to communities accessible from the ports where Peace Boat’s vessel docks. Since the Voyage of Light started, 1LL and Peace Boat have brought lights to communities in Madagascar, South Africa, Namibia, and Brazil. The ship recently arrived in South America following a month and a half voyage across Asia and Africa. The initiative will visit 19 countries in total. 


SDGs in Action: As a committed advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with the UN SDG Action Campaign, Peace Boat works to inspire people onboard and in countries visited during voyages to make an active engagement in achieving the goals to achieve a peaceful and sustainable world. Since August 2016, Peace Boat's ship has been sailing with the Global Goals logo on its hull. The collaboration between the two agencies will help create awareness about SDGs, with 1LL focusing on SDG 7, “Affordable and Clean Energy”.

For more information please visit the Liter of Light website.


You can watch several videos from the Voyage of Light here.



Illac Angelo Diaz     

Executive Direction, Liter of Light Global Foundation


Chema Sarri

Communications Manager, Peace Boat Organisation

John Dudley                                

IDL 2018 Steering Committee Chair

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