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Light Painting World Alliance Presents OMNIA LUCE

Light Painting World Alliance proudly presents massive international light art project OMNIA LUCE, dedicated to International Day Of Light by UNESCO and also International Light Painting Day. 
This project was started in 2018 and ends on May 16 2019. Artists from 18 countries were participated: Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Netherlands, France, USA, Indonesia, Turkey, New Zealand, India, UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary.
The name of the project comes from Latin phrase "Libertas perfundet omnia luce" which means "Freedom will flood all things with light". Initiators and authors of this idea were famous Spanish light painters Frodo Álvarez DKL and Sfhir

Light Painting World Alliance is official Collaborating Partner for International Day Of Light by UNESCO. LPWA is world’s biggest community of light painting artists, presenting 73 countries with more than 600 members. 


More information about OMNIA LUCE can be found at this video.

Light Painting is an artistic photographic technique where light sources are manually applied by photographers to a single long exposure frame, usually in complete darkness. Long exposure photography has been around since the early days of daguerreotypes. Early artistic light painting photographs began to be created in the early 20th century by master artists Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray and Picasso. Since those early days, light painting has evolved to become a genre that is growing in sophistication and popularity across the globe. Light painting photographs are often mistaken for being “photoshopped” due to the surreal and psychedelic effects that are created. While artists use a variety of light sources from simple flashlights, lasers and LED lights to ignited steel wool, electric wire and pyrotechnics to illuminate their photographic composition, they do not use post-processing software to enhance their photographs in any way.

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