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Excitement Grows for the 2019 International Day of Light

The 2019 International Day of Light (IDL) on 16 May is less than one month away and people worldwide are getting ready to celebrate. To date, over 200 events have officially registered to participate in the global event in 54 countries worldwide. 


Various innovative activities are being planned worldwide to highlight the fundamental role of light in our everyday lives. San Juan, Puerto Rico willbe hosting La Fotónica en Temporada de Huracanes, an event that aims to highlight how photonics technology is vital to public information, safety and recovery in the event of a hurricane. The Dark Sky Night Show will be held in Istanbul Turkey to raise awareness of the causes and effects of light pollution. San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina will feature the Museum of Light, with activities that range from a photography contest, a historical tour of the evolution of the sources of illumination, to brain games and workshops related to vision and perception. Discover the complete list of IDL 2019 registered events and activities on the IDL website Events Page.

The International Day of Light is a global celebration and we want to showcase in our Event Programme all the interesting initiatives that will be organized. If you or someone you know is already organizing an activity about light in May but not on May 16th, no problem! As long as it follows and respect the general goals of the International Day of Light in promoting science, education, art, culture etc. related to the broad themes of light and light-based technologies, we would welcome them as International Day of Light activities. All activities can be registered through this form to appear on the official IDL2019 Events List on the IDL website.

The Illuminating Education conference is the Flagship Celebration of the International Day of Light 2019 held at the UNESCO Category 1 Institute ICTP in Trieste on 16 May 2019. Presentations will cover a wide range of topics, from inspiring science to practical career advice. The full event programme can be found here and registrations can be made online.

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