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Although many activities that have been planned for the International Day of Light 2020 on May 16 will no longer be able to take place as scheduled, there is no reason we can’t celebrate virtually. In these challenging times, let’s come together to share the role of light in our lives! We are excited to announce two new initiatives for IDL2020:

Share How you Celebrate Light on Social Media

Let’s build some momentum and excitement for the annual International Day of Light on May 16th. We invite our network to post on social media using #IDL2020 and #SeeTheLight with images that capture how light influences our lives in the broadest sense. Some ideas include sharing a picture of: 

  • how the science or technology of light improves our lives

  • a natural phenomenon related to light or colour

  • how light is used in art or culture

  • yourself working with or just enjoying light in some way

  • your photonics laboratory experiment

  • your favorite book about light

  • your favorite astronomical object or astrophotography (if you are an astronomer)

  • how you use optics in education


Call for Videos for the International Day of Light


We encourage you to submit a video that showcases how you study, celebrate and/or enjoy light. The International Day of Light Secretariat will select videos to be shared on the official IDL social media pages for #IDL2020. Videos must be no longer than 1 minute and be submitted through this form. Videos submitted by 15 May will be shared on the International Day of Light (16 May). Videos will be accepted until the end of May and shared periodically over the coming weeks. Some ideas for video submissions include:

  • explain and/or demonstrate your photonics or light-related research (including students)

  • how do you use and enjoy light while you stay/work at home?

  • show us your favorite light-based technology

  • create an astrophotography time-lapse or presentation, or explain how you conduct astrophotography in your region

  • explain the importance and value of dark skies

  • find a laser in your home

  • how do you use and celebrate light in your culture?

The complete rules and guidelines are provided on the video submission form. 


Please contact us if there are any questions.

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